T.I.P.S. Situational Crime Prevention Project

A Strategic - Systematic - Synergistic - Saturation Model Bringing Awareness of Modern Day Slavery for Sustainable Results



The future of nations are their children!  Every nation is plagued with Modern-Day Slavery. The time is always right to educate them about the dangers of sexual predators, and with cases of pedophiles luring children into their world, a way to educate is through something creative that children of all ages can participate in: the ARTS.

Through music and art, children can learn and become Aware!  Also a contest could engage the various communities to "learn" as well. 

Calling it an “Awareness of Modern-Day Slavery” Campaign.  Alternative name: “Be Aware of Modern-Day Slavery” Campaign.

This campaign will be opened to all students from the middle school through college. 

Judges can be from the SCHOOL DIAGRAM to locate  those connected to schools for  "By-In" and support.




The ARTREACH of Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships has a program that could be used to model the entire world with this campaign.  Located in Senibel, Florida in the United States, this program can be the model for all the "art" related programs that can be developed by schools in each country.  After speaking with her, please  Contact Nola Theiss, Executive Director of Human Trafficking Awareness Partnerships for details of how she implemented the program.

Art could appear in locations around the community and this will bring awareness of the issue and educate at the same time.  

Artistic expressions could be focused in a campaign directed at transportation hubs:

The “Guardian of the Skies” contest is open to all students in that want to be informed and engage with their talents.

Three categories of accepted entries could be allowed:

1.     Middle and high school students create a “character” or image like, in the form of a “Super Hero” type “who watches over the skies where human trafficking occurs.”  He /She or It will be the “Guardian of the Skies”.  He /She or It conveys the message of be “Awareness of Modern-Day Slavery”. “Be Aware of Modern-Day Slavery” is the message that He/She or It gives. 

2.    High school and college students create music videos and/ or videos that convey the message of “Be Aware of Modern-Day Slavery”.  These entries can be uploaded to the existing site as last time or in a separate "drop-box" for larger files. 

3. Music: See Below as an example 

 Prizes could come from those business who support the campaign.

Corporate sponsorship from organization like the  Global Business Coalition Against Human Trafficking is always possible.  Contact: William Livermore  E-mail: info@gbcat.org

 E-mail: info@gbcat.org


 *This site is used for the development of both PHASE 1 and PHASE 2

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