T.I.P.S. Situational Crime Prevention Project

A Strategic - Systematic - Synergistic - Saturation Model Bringing Awareness of Modern Day Slavery for Sustainable Results


In 1983 I wrote and recorded as a song - a charity song - to promote The Crime Stoppers Program in NY City entitled "Easier Said than Done" © 1983. Today, I would like to ask Challenge Slavery and it's 5 partners to help again create a Charity / Awareness song, using a an innovative approach. By combining several of the ideas on Challenge Slavery.org and incorporating them together to initiate a worldwide public service announcement, which is Strategic, Systematic, Statewide, Saturation Plan which I call TIPS.

(EXAMPLE" Using the popular crossover song / hit by Inner Circle, "Bad Boys")

When you hear that song and it’s hook line you, are reminded of the Fox TV reality series Cops

IN 1983 I  did not know that by 1989 there would be a show like Cops, but I did know the use of the song “Bad Boys” made the show “stick in your head” and made you remember to watch on Saturday night!) 

PHASE 1- Re-Record the song Easier Said than Done

Listen to both. To enter the Challenge Slavery Contest and help the Crime Stoppers Programs and their world wide efforts to fight crime is to re-record the song's "Intro" and change it to reflect each of the different programs, that feature the last 4 digits "8477", expanding as songs gain popularity among Crime Stoppers Programs


(Intro to be changed)

It’s Easier when you call TIPS 577-TIPS

This is brought to you by the New York Police Department, New York Partnership, and Eye-witness News Channel 7, to help the community to become a better place to live   (577-TIPS)


(Verse 1)

He’s just a cop on his beat

He's been takin a lot of heat

Even though he’s got a gun

His job still is easier said than done

In an open society

Guns shouldn’t be so free

He’s got his back against the wall

It’s not the gun that makes the criminal

Law in order has disappeared

What we have now is not clear

I wish crime would go away

But that is easy for me to say, ‘cause….

 There are two versions of the Easier Said than Done below.


  1. Easier Said than Done w/lyrics © 1983
  2. Easier Said than Done Music Only © 2006


   Easier Said than Done©1983


 Easier Said than Done© 2006


It’s Easier, Easier Said than done
Even though, even though he’s got a gun
It’s Easier, Easier Said than done

If your part of the problem,
your against the solution.

(Hook for promotional material)

(Verse 2)

In an open society Guns shouldn’t be so free

Hate is in us all

Is it the gun that makes the criminal?

Law in order have disappeared

What we have now is not clear

Everyone wishes crime would go away

But that easy for us to say

Call Tips,

Cause It’s Easier



                       (Verse 3)

You see a Prostitute she’s on the stroll

Looking for a fifty to a hundred bank roll

Drug deals rampant in our streets

Cocaine, Maryjane, Dope for a treat

Newspaper headlines, two found dead

Last night you saw a murder sitting in bed

Some people say justice is found in a gun

Almighty God it’s Easier Said Than Done

Call TIPS 577-TIPS

Make this city a better place to live 

For you for me and for everybody (577-TIPS)

Yea, become involved in your city Call TIPS



It’s Easier, Easier Said than done

It’s Easier, Easier Said than done

Yea It’s Easier, Easier Said than done

(TIPS) Your name will remain confidential




(This process can simultaneously be working with Indaba to implement the “contest” for “expansion of the “8477” numbers or introduce the re-recording of the Easier Said than Done song as part of the larger “education” of musicians to write songs bringing awareness of “Modern-Day Slavery”  to millions of music lovers by offering to "re-record" the song's third verse to emphasize "human trafficking" "sex trafficking" "child labor" Trafficking in Persons" "modern-day slavery")


How will the music be recorded and money be divided 

State of The Music Licensing Industry - 2013 - An infographic by the team at The Music Licensing Directory

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